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Help raise money for charity Star Support and Counselling

Take part in the 2012 BII charity fun run – 10k and 5k, 1st July, in Sutton Park. Walk Jog or Run.

KP Events is working with the Birmingham Insurance Institute to help them establish this annual event as a key fund raiser for a very good local cause.

Closing date for entries is 16th June 2012.

Charity event in aid of Star Support and Counselling

Organised by the Birmingham Insurance Institute

DATE Sunday 1st July 2012
VENUE Sutton Park Town Gate, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
2011 ENTRY Enter here (Online Registration ONLY)
ENTRY FEE 5K = £8 , 10K = £12
INSURANCE Full Public Liability
GOODY BAGS To all Finishers
PRIZES Best Fancy Dress Boy and Girl
TROPHIES To First 5K and 10K Male and Female
MOST SPONSORSHIP PRIZE To the person who raises and submits the most sponsorship money by 16th June 2012
CLOSING DATE 16th June 2012

The Birmingham Insurance Institute Fun Run
Terms & Conditions Sunday 1st July 2012, Sutton Park

Star Support: Charity Number 1117817

• Children aged 14-16 can take part in the Fun Run, but must have consent from a parent or guardian, which may be checked by the event organisers – and have given an emergency phone number to the event organisers at registration.
• Parents/guardians must be aware of the demands of this activity, and that they alone can make the decision about the ability of the child to complete the activity. Arrangements to get to and from the event are wholly the responsibility of the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must take responsibility for the safety of the child and make every effort to cause no risk to other participants.
• Any person aged 16 and over may take part in the 5K or 10K.
• Participants must agree to pay the £8 or £12 application fee (dependent upon which run you are entering, 5K or 10K respectively) upon registration to this event. The fee/money raised are non-refundable and will be donated to charity in the event you are unable to attend, after signing up for the event.
• Participants must agree that they are in good physical condition and that the Birmingham Insurance Institute and Star Support take no liability for injuries or ill health resulting from, or exacerbated by, participation in this event.
• Prior and during the event, participants shall be responsible for their own safety and welfare and will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and will comply promptly with any safety or other instructions given by the event organisers or those helping.
• Participants should take responsibility for dressing appropriately for the route and for the weather conditions including clothing and footwear. Should you choose to wear any sort of ‘fancy dress’, you should ensure it does not impede your vision or pose any other threat to your health or safety (e.g. dehydration)
• Although organisers will make every effort to supply necessary refreshments at stages on the route, it is advised that participants bring something to drink and eat.
• The Birmingham Insurance Institute and Star Support cannot be held responsible for personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability during the event howsoever caused. All participants enter the event entirely at their own risk.
• Participants accept that the organisers may, at any time during or before the event, terminate their participation if it is considered necessary for the health and safety of other participants, and/or themselves or if they commit an illegal act.
• Participants undertake to take notice of, and abide by, any further instructions or restrictions sent to them by the event organisers and should comply with the route signage and not deviate from the agreed route.
• Should any incident occur along the route, or before or after, participants must report this immediately to an event representative; and comply with any instructions given.
• The event organisers reserve the right to refuse participation by any individual; and to cancel or postpone the event completely for all participants on safety grounds at any time.
• Participants must agree to make every effort to collect the sponsorship monies as far as they are able and pay them over promptly in full to the Birmingham Insurance Institute for onward transmission to Star Support. To be considered for the prize for raising the most sponsorship, all money must be received by the Birmingham Insurance Institute by 14th September 2012.
• Money donated to your Just Giving sponsorship page will be passed directly into the charity’s bank account. This cuts down on paperwork and makes the process of handling donations extremely efficient.
• The Birmingham Insurance Institute’s and Star Support’s decision to award any prizes and trophies will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• The organisers are committed to protecting the privacy of people entering the event. In order to manage and administer the event, the organisers must collect personal information on those people wishing to take part. This information includes Name, Age, Address, Email and Mobile Phone Number.
• By opting in to this, participants are allowing the Birmingham Insurance Institute and Star Support to use your name and any footage or photograph(s) taken of you on the event day as part of its publications, promotion and advertising etc within the UK.
• I have read understood and agreed to the terms and conditions and will abide by them if I am given a guaranteed place.