UPDATE 18th April 2013
A peace agreement is being agreed as we speak. We hope to have formal representation from our friends in Portland at our World record attempt.

11th April 2013

Mill Ends Park, Portland, Oregon Vs Princes Park, Burntwood, Lichfield… Which Is The World’s Smallest Park?

So, the lines have been drawn, the challenge set, which is the real World’s smallest park?

Our Princes Park, in Farewell Lane Burntwood, is the venue for the Guinness World record attempt for the World’s Shortest Fun Run on Bank Holiday Monday May 6th in aid of the We Love Lichfield Fund Charity.

It’s officially recognised as the UK’s smallest park but we think it deserves more recognition, we think by any definition of the term ‘park’ Princes Park has more merit than the current World record holder Mill Ends Park in Portland Oregon, which is a ‘park for Leprechauns’ apparently, but is, in the opinion of Kevin Wilson – nothing more than a ‘glorified flowerpot!!’

Well the folks of Portland have hit back, and they’re not happy!! Our Twitter and Facebook sites have taken the brunt of the indignation, Oregon Public Broadcasting and KP-AM Radio (no relation to us honest!) have had interviews with us (listen to Paul’s hilarious interview via link below), Portland’s morning TV shows have all carried news of the usurpers across the pond making claims, our friends at Lichfield Live have been pursuing their links in Portland to gauge more of the city’s response to our ‘attack’ and again see links below but in order to make their flowerpot more like a park, the city of Portland has:

  • Erected a fence around the flowerpot
  • Put plastic animals in it ‘grazing’
  • Had residents ‘running’ round it claiming to have set World shortest fun run records
  • And more see the links

We think Portland are running scared!! We’ll run with this story right up until May 6th. Get behind our campaign, email kevin@kpevents.net to show your support, contact ross@lichfieldlive.co.uk as well, keep the pressure on, get involved on Sunday May 6th, get on Twitter and Facebook, let’s show Portland Oregon that Princes Park is a Park for People not a flowerpot for Leprechauns!!


Mill Ends Park, Oregon (Photo courtesy of TripAdviser.co.uk)

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