KP Events is pleased to announce that the date of its first ever Duathlon has been changed from Sunday November 27th 2016 to Sunday September 17th 2017. The new event will carry the new title of THE MERCIA DUATHLON.

Why the change?

There are a number of practical reasons:

  1. Our projected costs translated into a minimum number of registrations being required, a fact shared openly with the regional officer for UK Triathlon and as of Friday October 28th this number was significantly short.
  2. Concerns for the routes being followed out of and then back into the town of Tamworth. We have taken plenty of expert opinion on this matter and as of 28th October no significant consensus view had been reached leading to our decision to look for alternatives.
  3. KP Events being approached this month ( October 2016) by the organiser of the Aldridge Duathlon, successful staged in September 2015 and 2016, to take over the organisation of it in 2017 and work with the previous organiser in a consultancy capacity.

These 3 factors and the timing of them has forced a rethink and has resulted in our decision to build on the success of an established Duathlon that faced an uncertain future with a tried and tested route and add this to our original idea to stage a duathlon event in the Tamworth area of Staffordshire/North Warwickshire, and as a result THE MERCIA DUATHLON emerges and is being staged on Sunday September 17th 2017.

Now this decision has been taken, KP Events will be in touch individually with every person who has registered for the Tamworth Duathlon on Sunday November 27th to discuss the options we are proposing which are:

  1. Transferring registration from the Tamworth Duathlon to the Mercia Duathlon.
  2. Transferring registration for the Tamworth Duathlon to any other KP Events event in 2017.
  3. A full refund

We hope you understand the sound reasoning behind our decision and also find a satisfactory resolution to making alternative arrangements. The new route will be launched officially on our website in the New Year 2017.

Why The “Mercia” Duathlon?

The ancient kingdom of Mercia covered the area which now includes present day Staffordshire, West Midlands and North Warwickshire. The capital of this ancient kingdom was Mercia hence the new event title.