Results – Kingsbury Water Park 10k 29th Nov 2015

By | November 29, 2015


A wet and windy late November Sunday saw a good size field take to the muddy tracks and pathways in Kingsbury Water Park in Warwickshire for a cross country 10k.

Damion Taylor (no142) defied the stormy conditions to race into an early lead which he kept adding to as he stretched his lead further to romp home in a fast time of 35:56. He was followed home by David Jackson (no143) in 38.46, with Barry Lloyd (no126) 3rd in 39.19.

The first female home was Laura Pettifer (no123) in 43.51, in 2nd was Jenny Lloyd (no127) in 48.39 and Kate Miller (no71) was 3rd in 49.31.



1142Damien Taylor35:56:001st Male
2143David Jackson38:46:002nd Male
3126Barry Lloyd39:19:003rd Male
492Justin Haywood39:24:00
588Daniel Williams39:53:00
693Ron Mahoney40:00:00
7141Glyn Broadhurst41:22:00
8114Geoff Farmer41:47:00
9138Cameron Morgan43:42:00
10113James Gough43:45:00
11123Laura Pettifer43:51:001st Female
12133Peter Rogers44:04:00
1390Gordon Robinson44:14:00
1452Simon Ward44:53:00
15103Robert Lazzerine45:04:00
16115Charlie Chandler46:05:00
1729Stuart Green46:21:00
18124Simon Smith47:20:00
1934Michael Cummings47:26:00
2018David Earp47:39:00
2162Keir Hardy47:45:00
2256Phil Vincent47:51:00
2364Richard Drackeley47:57:00
24108Nick Hanson47:58:00
25127Jennie Lloyd48:39:002nd Female
2683Mike Mason-Williams48:59:00
2757Steve Williams49:14:00
289Marcus Fairburn49:20:00
2971Kate Miller49:31:003rd Female
30106Jake Dilworth49:40:00
3177Mark Barnett49:45:00
3282Jola Rhina49:58:00
3351Malcom Skerratt50:01:00
34129Craig Mitchell50:05:00
35137Toby Davis50:15:00
3640Steven Mills50:20:00
37131Ian Stilgoe50:45:00
3874John Cattell50:51:00
39135Mary Hobin51:04:00
40110Michael Wood51:12:00
41107Michael Russell51:12:00
42No number51:13:00
43109Teresa Wood51:27:00
44132Craig Barker51:36:00
45116Ross Ballinger51:59:00
4697Neil Silcock52:20:00
4773Sarah Cattell52:28:00
486Steven Shute52:45:00
4917Matthew Schmid53:17:00
50136Sharon Moore53:43:00
5127Andrew Burgees53:50:00
52117Mark Groves53:53:00
53118Jeannine Groves53:53:00
547Adrian Cox54:04:00
5523Paul Andrews54:07:00
5668Darren Ball54:13:00
57105Alan Sawojka54:23:00
5850Lynda Skerratt54:25:00
5933Kevin Orford54:41:00
60134Lisa Freestone55:04:00
61104Rachael Edwards55:29:00
6281James Mansell55:47:00
63139Barry Riley55:47:00
6486Christopher Brookes56:19:00
65111Jason Flannagan56:30:00
6647Rachel Walsh56:46:00
67145Mike Whitehouse57:40:00
6814Jackie Eales57:51:00
6979David Sharpe58:09:00
70140James Gough58:27:00
7115Richard Hall58:48:00
72102Russell Horsley58:51:00
7398Tracey Bristoll58:59:00
7442Emma Thomas59:18:00
7591Dave Onion59:26:00
76101Patrick Cleall59:36:00
7726Peter Estick59:51:00
7821Richard Cook59:56:00
7989Hazel Robinson01:00:56
8094Charlotte Bull01:00:34
8112Karen Holmes01:00:50
8210David Leigh01:00:50
8375Kirsty Cattell01:01:14
8454Zarana Dickinson01:01:29
85130Tim Hoare01:02:49
8638Jane Nock01:03:00
8765Heather Gould01:03:26
8839Sam Lewis01:03:50
89100Sarah Wall01:03:59
9063Maggie Mullaly01:05:09
9160Mark Greetham01:05:23
925Claire Bagley01:06:10
9396Becky Bradley01:06:29
9449Stuart Pope01:06:50
9548Kate Riley01:07:53
9643Claire Reay01:07:58
97144Daniel Walker01:08:07
9853Becki Bell01:09:07
99128Rebecca Corbet01:09:07
10095Alex Shaw01:09:32
10170Mary Stanford01:18:17
10222Jayne Phelps01:24:24
10369Marcia Bowerbank01:24:24