RESULTS – Birmingham Insurance Institute 5k and 10k Run – 20 Mar 22 – Tamworth

By | March 21, 2022
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10k Women’s results

1st.   161.  Rachel Burchell.  40mins 15sec

2nd.   182.  Kimberley Keay.  43:38

3rd.   236.  Sarah Maund.  45:06

5k Women’s results

1st.   Francesca Wood.  30:37

2nd.   Fritha Stuttard.  33:14

3rd.    Fang Yuying.  35:03

5k Men’s results

1st.       22.  Tom Benjamin. 18min 27secs

2nd      13.  Andy Briggs.      21:11

3rd      37.  Edward Foxall.  22:53

10k Men’s results

1st.   212.  Naved Shabeer. 37mins 9secs.

2nd.  193.  Richard Moore 37:26

3rd.    ?      Marcin Rydzewski.  37:36

You can view all the runner’s times in this PDF.

(Sorry, the timings were done manually, and we do not have separate results for the 5k and 10k)

Mens 10k winners
Womens 10k winners
Womens 5k winners
Mens 5k Winners